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cheap dildos The Mime Troupe has been staging highly politicized comedies since the 1950s, and this energetic play is no exception. As the four member cast (Velina Brown wolf dildos, Rotimi Agbabiaka wolf dildos, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, and Lisa Hori Garcia) share seven roles among them, its quick changes yield moments of physical comedy and satire even as dialogue about Prop 13’s destructive effects on public education funding is intended to get the audience to yelp in disapproval. (There is wolf dildos, it should be noted, no pantomime here.) Schooled is not so much a ham fisted screed against capitalism, but a critique of neoliberalism and its insidious ability to make market solutions seem inevitable, unchallengeable, and good for every last have not cheap dildos.