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wholesale jerseys All the stuff we talk about today: tribalism, denialism, media silos, and characterizations of the opposition party as “evil” all stem from there.LibertyTerp [score hidden] submitted 7 hours agoSo your hypothesis is that the polarization of politics is due to Republicans and conservatives? It seems implausible that Democrats would shift so far to the Left, without the Right being demonized as well.If you look at the chart linked in OP post, Republicans barely moved to the right since 1994. Almost the entire shift has been Democrats moving to the Left, based on that data.And wasn it common on the Left to call conservatives fascists going at least as far back as the Vietnam War? I suppose you could make the case that this is different because it the president, but comparing the other side to fascists seems to be a time honored tradition in American politics. I doubt that one interview is a significant cause of the polarization of American politics. wholesale jerseys

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