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canada goose clearance Lawrence, 69, lives in Long Beach, Calif., with her husband, Al Schultz, a former makeup artist on Burnett’s variety show. Traffic has gotten so much worse since the ’80s. Best time so far has been 55 minutes; worst time two hours 10 minutes. REVIEWLategan cautioned that a revenue comparison between the periods presented should not be performed, as the group has elected not to restate the comparative information as permitted by IFRS 15.impact of IFRS 15 has been applied using the modified retrospective restatement method allowed under the standard, resulting in an adjustment to the opening retained earnings on March 1, 2018. Revenue been accounted for under the previous accounting standards, he said revenue would have been R657 million, a 34.95% decrease from the R1 billion reported in the previous period.Combined revenue, under the previous accounting standards, decreased by 37.4% to R815.7 million owing to the deliberate slowdown in operations by management.In response to the negative impact of the adoption of IFRS 15 and IFRS 9 on the net debt to equity ratio, and the impact that this increased ratio has on the group future gearing ability, the participants of the Executive Share Scheme unanimously agreed to forfeit the scheme in the 2019 financial year to enhance the equity of the group through the reversal of the share based payment reserve of R118 million to retained earnings.The cancellation of the scheme resulted in the remaining expense on the scheme being fast tracked through profit and loss in the current year, amounting to about R44 million, increasing administrative expenses.Considering the land invasion charge of R65 million, the electrification standing cost of R14.5 million, and cancellation of the executive share scheme and corresponding fast tracked expense of R44 million with no associated cashf low, the pre tax effect of these combined, amount to R123.5 million.This does not take into consideration the opportunity cost of the capital tied up in Scottsdene and Fleurhof or the additional cost of working capital.The additional increase in administrative expenses of 55.51% from the previous period is mainly due to increases in marketing and advertising, salaries and wages and professional fees. The finance cost expense escalated largely owing to increased working capital requirements owing to delays on the various projects.During the period, the group invested very little into new infrastructure to reduce pressure on working capital.Basic earnings a share decreased by 50.16% to 23.78c.Similarly, headline earnings per share decreased by 93.48% to 3.11c. canada goose clearance

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