I picked up the daylight by Tom bihn. It doesn’t have the padding or water bottle pocket, but I tuck my 15 inch laptop in the deep pocket against the back and tuck my water bottle inside against the edge. It holds way more than I’d ever imagine. It kind of in a strip mall kind of area without much around. It down a side street. I look and there are two cop cars on each side of the road parked.

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kanken mini They always brought us joy! We always enjoyed shopping at Country Boy Produce and H Mart. It also pretty easy to get to the Pike Rose area from there on the bus (or driving) which is fun a really nice movie theater with a healthy amount of shops and restaurants.hollykins 0 points submitted 18 days agoHi from a librarian! I like the overall look of this design. Make sure your bullets are concise (looks like right now they’ve been copied and pasted and spill into multiple lines per ‘duty,’ if that makes sense). kanken mini

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I think being an only child impacts the type of adult you become. For one, I don’t think only children are attention seekers. They always had the full attention of their parents and never had to share it with siblings so later in life they aren’t the type who are so desperate for attention that they need to have people notice them at all costs.

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