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I have a bitcoin question, if only because someone wishes to be paid through bitcoin and I think fine, whatever.

buy canada goose jacket Looking at bitcoin info on the website it starts talking about downloads and 130 GB sizes and then things such as processing power for my PC come up as being mega important so I canada goose clothing uk think woah woah, back the fuck up. I not mining anything. buy canada goose jacket

Why? Because it really doesn explain why all of a sudden I have to be melting my computer running wtf computation calculations to generate numbers out of it own arse for these things I supposed to be generating.

Now, 1 bitcoin is approximately AUS$8850. If I only need AUS$80 worth of bitcoin, how is this broken down? I rather buy the bitcoin outright canada goose outlet factory then nuke my computer, which I can do, apparently. If I do am I buying a percentage of a bitcoin? As there are no cents separating the distinction between what a positive amount of bitcoin is called compared to less than a positive bitcoin amount I would be buying, do I literally just provide the figure amount I see, even though it would be an extremely small number?

As I said, I don want to mine. I don have the hardware, lifestyle, or shits to give, someone wants to deal in cryptocurrency so I doing my bit to be informed so I know enough to make this painless. Wallets can go canada goose outlet store quebec mobile for under $1000 so it should be possible yeah? If this stuff is traded how can I be sure that $80 in cash will stay as equivalent $80 in bitcoin? I don want someone screaming down my neck after payment saying I ripped them off, never wanting to do business with me again. Thank you.

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cheap Canada Goose You don need the Bitcoin Core wallet (the one that downloads the full blockchain) just to make one transaction, most people don run one. canada goose parka outlet uk Coinbase). cheap Canada Goose

canada goose uk shop Bitcoin divides up to 8 decimal places, so the smallest currently possible to use unit is 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC, which is worth fractions of a cent. 0.009 BTC, and you send that amount within the next hours/days, whatever it worth at that point (if they accept Bitcoin, they kind of implicitly accept the risk of sudden exchange rate changes in the meantime, as long as you keep it within a reasonable timeframe). canada goose uk shop

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To be honest, there is no way to have a completely 100% secure wallet on a desktop that connected to the internet. searching on google for a known app and getting directed to a wrong place), and then it game over. You shouldn keep more than small amounts on desktop computers. Breadwallet I not an expert in Android security so I don know how possible it is to keep it secure

wallets set up offline on a disconnected computer, but that pretty advanced stuff

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Yeah, I know. I think the best hope is that these and different, new kinds of wallets will just become more and canada goose outlet hong kong more user friendly, to the point where a normal non techie can easily use them.

Canada Goose Online I don expect desktop wallets to ever canada goose outlet in new york be as secure, because PCs are by design built to allow the user full control, and that great but also the source of the problem. With platforms like iOS you have the opposite we have a walled garden and a locked up platform that frustrating for some people, but the upside is that it much easier to secure. And the current trend anyway canada goose kensington parka uk is canada goose factory outlet that more and more people only or mostly use phones and tablets outside of work anyway, so maybe it won be as hard. Canada Goose Online

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Because price follows interest and interest is flat for months now, and that why the price doesn move. “But but that not true, you full of shit”. O yeah? That why i predicted the price to fall back between 6200 6400 when everyone was screaming moon two weeks ago and when everyone said it going to fall back to 5000 6 weeks ago. Remember this: PRICE FOLLOWS INTEREST. And stop posting about Venezuelan people investing in btc. They got in in juli/august and already pulled out according to the interest charts. As if Venezuela is going to save us anyway. All their Pesos can buy one btc.

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I used to go to /btc often (have been there more recently, watching this weirdness unfold) and was struck by the differences in there vs this sub. The 1 takeaway for me back then (and still) was how much it was comprised of the soap opera, feelings, “my team”, etc. people. It was always “censorship” and “conspiracy” and “they are doing cheap canada goose X to us” weirdness. It like a teenage cafeteria or something.

For anyone who says “but yr account is young.” I nuked my long term account a few months back when I almost got doxxed by some trolls.

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Canada Goose Parka If you have a clean Linux install run in a Virtual environment you have an isolated environment create canada goose outlet uk an image after doing the intial installs. so you don need to do a clean install everytime you want to recover your seeds/private keys for example Canada Goose Parka.