Hunchback in Altenmarkt Militia colors

I wanted to commemorate my Battletech RPG game, we are playing a merc unit that was formerly from the Altenmarkt Militia, which has very little written about it canada goose outlet us that our group was aware of (especially in 3025, where we started) and they canada goose outlet las vegas have a fan made color scheme, “Red is applied to the right side and white to the left side of all their equipment. Dark Gray is used on weapons”. I was playing a canada goose outlet uk Hunchback, until it got three engine AND two Gryro crits the last session we played. Thankfully the pilot survived, the Mech of Shame (a captured Shadowhawk) is there as backup, and a canada goose outlet los angeles new mech is on it way.Then I remembered a youtuber saying black is bad if you are following up with red and to use brown instead. So then I redid the zenithal with Minitaire Saddle Brown, Bark, and Earth.I got silly putty and masked half of it and sprayed Minitaire Skull WhiteMasked the other side and sprayed Minitaire Regal Red (Lesson learned, more care needed when masking, spraying white then red on top is noticeably different than brown then red. a couple extra coats hid that.)I brushed on Minitaire Concrete Slab on the weapons (next canada goose outlet time I should mask the weapons so I am painting over the zenithal, not a dark red)I followed that up with Vallejo Gunmetal on parts of the Big AC/20 to give it some more variationI thought it was a little too plain, so I put Vallejo Gunship on the knees and left shoulder coil or vent.I dry brushed Vallejo Steel on the knee canada goose outlet sale and shoulder, as well as the edges of the AC/20.I blacked the inside of the barrel with Vallejo Metallic Black.After that I tried sponging the steel on to do the “chipping” damage that I seen others do, and I think it worked out decently well.It was heavily suggested (admittadly by a FLGS employee who was selling me paint) that I use GW Seraphim Sepia wash to canada goose outlet nyc get the old canada goose outlet store calgary look. I didn test ahead of time (I should have learned that lesson by now) and as soon as it was on the white I kinda panicked at how terrible it looked on the white (and didn seem to show up at all on the red) and tried to mop up as much as I could. After I was done I have to go help someone move and when I came back it didn look as terrible. Still not sure if I would do it again on white.I took some Vallejo black pigment and stippled it on, first without anything, and then using some Vallejo Flow improver to wet it and stipple it on. I did this mostly randomly, but I also made sure the AC/20 got a healthy dose right outside of the barrel.I superglued the mini to a hex base, then used an old brush to brush super glue onto the base and plinth of the mech, the sprinkled the Army painter brown basing material. this completely destroyed the old brush, I should get and use Elmer glue next time.following that I glued a couple random rocks and a small highland tuft, both also from Army Painter on the base.I then washed the base and the mech feet with GW Agrax Earthshade, which I was surprised and a bit disappointed that it seemed to not flow to just the recesses, but darkened the whole thing very steeply. perhaps I need to thin it?After letting that dry, I blacked the base with Badger black primer that was brushed on, and then I sealed it with Badger flat coat.I definitely still need to work on my photography (being winter it extra hard to get good light and I don have any photography lights), the weathering needs much more experimentation and practice especially with the shades. Overall I content with it given my time constraint (I wanted it done in time for Saturday, and last night was my only guaranteed paint day), but I still mostly see things I wish I could have done better. YouTube is a great source for further visual details and examples.mech greebles choose colors slightly darker or lighter than the the surrounding base color and paint random panels to accentuate detailweathering pick a destroyed canada goose outlet uk sale brush with stiff, spiky bristles and deliberately/smartly put speckles of steel or aluminum along edges around the feet, knuckles, and joints that might rub against each othera brush applied wash either Army Painter [bottled not canned] strong tone or one you mix yourself ( extremely watered down brown and maybe a dot of dish soap), maybe apply in the armpits or lower legs firstdry brushing flat/thick brush, get almost all paint off on a paper towel, seriously, before lightly striking the edges canada goose outlet authentic of the modelcockpit jeweling carefully color in the panes with black, color one edge with a striking color like red, then put two or three tiny dots of white on the opposite edgeseal/dull your work Krylon matte finish applied from around 9 inches away. Spray lightly/quickly, wait 10 minutes, spray again. Be careful of days with too much condensation and spraying too heavily.cockpit jeweling carefully color in the panes with black, color one edge with a striking color like red, then put two or three tiny dots of white on the opposite edge.

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