Policyholders were rescued from the cost consequences of every injury claim leading to litigation, at an average 46pc delivery overhead. Now 20pc of claims are finalised through PIAB, where there is no award of legal costs for or against any party. Their delivery overhead is 6pc.

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Not only is the education background and employment patterns of top corporate leaders becoming more equal over time, the orientation and skills they will need in the future are also changing. And that’s becoming increasingly visible as well. For example, a fascinating study by the Hay Group and German futurists at Z Punkt identifies six trends that their research indicates will shape leadership needs in the years ahead.

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Acting a little busy or trying to impress upon him that you have elsewhere to go is very helpful in this kind of a situation. Ensure that you are nice and encouraging to him at all times. Be careful not to cut off all streams of communication. However, despite the growing technological adaption among schools, there are still several challenges that educational institutions should address. About 300,000 students from 6,500 private and public schools were asked regarding the major obstacles they faced in school regarding the use of technology. Access restriction of websites and the prohibited use of their own mobile devices at school were the top issues for students.

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