Canada Goose Outlet I not naive, I knew who I was dealing with. I knew this could happen. It was a risk. The additional money would enable Minnesota to hold off any changes in the program until the end of October, the state human services agency said.Arizona, with about 88,000 kids in CHIP, said it too had recently learned it would soon receive “redistributed” funds, to the tune of nearly $22 million, which would enable it to run its program unchanged until the end of November, according to Heidi Capriotti, spokeswoman for the Arizona Health Cost Containment System, which runs the state’s Medicaid program and CHIP.Utah has also said it expects to receive redistributed funds shortly, which Kolbi Young, a spokeswoman for the state’s Health Department said would enable the state to continue the program until the end of December. If Congress doesn’t act by then to resume CHIP funding, the program, which serves about 20,000 kids according to Young, would shut down, she said.North Carolina, with a CHIP enrollment of more than 256,000, has not received redistributed funds, according to the state health department, and it too is expected to run out of funds this year.Nevada, where nearly 69,000 kids are in CHIP, also expects the money to run out by the end of the year, according to Cody Phinney, a deputy administrator for Nevada’s Division of Health Care Financing and Policy.”Without federal funding, the choices would be of course to find another mechanism to pay for those benefits,” meaning using state resources, Phinney said, “or wind those benefits down.”Other states, where funding was expected to last into 2018, said they would continue CHIP as usual while hoping Congress acts before they have to make any decisions. For example, the nonprofit said, by state statute, the loss of federal funds would require West Virginia, like Utah, to terminate the program.Arizona would be required to freeze enrollment. Canada Goose Outlet

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