Theseus didn’t make a positive or negative impression on me, which isn’t a bad thing. For now he was just there. Overall I cared a lot less about everyone than I did in the first movie.+ I loved Leta’s fuck up, it was better than most (all?) theories I’ve read.

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hydro flask colors Population is in a much worse spot than six months ago when I last played. Queue times are long even for patrols and you can often forget about finding a group for a specific behemoth. Not infrequently it will launch me on a hunt by myself. This means players are gonna be coming at you from more angles as they don’t stay in groups and more reckless as generally people aren’t co ordinating their attacks as they might do with friends. Reckless could be easy to kill, but also lowers your health, and eventually you’re gonna run out of health if that keeps happening.My strong advice? (I have only around 170 solo wins, I know it’s not much) the way to get wins in solos is pick your fights, (at least if you’re on my level) if you’re going into a fight where there’s 2 players on a hill already fighting and you’re thinking “they don’t look too good” don’t necessarily jump in there immediately. You could end up getting tapped by one and then tapped by the other while u weaken both etc, and with planes in the game it’s not worth it. hydro flask colors

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