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Replica Hermes Bags One reader’s epic rant about the congestion chargeThe news garnered strong debate and tapped into deep feelings in the cityYesterday (December 7), the News reported calls from city council Lib Dem leader Cllr Tim Bick for a serious look at introducing a congestion charge in the city.Speaking at the West Central Area committee yesterday (December 6), Cllr Tim Bick said there is a “taboo” about the idea of congestion charging that needed to be challenged.The news garnered strong debate and tapped into deep feelings in the city. One particularly critical reader reeled off this epic, stream of consciousness tirade.Commenting, “Petersfieldian” wrote: “There is no ‘taboo’.”The issue has been discussed for years and conclusions are clear: city and county councilors FAILED to deliver infrastructure projects either ahead of or alongside housing projects, FAILED at reforming and tailoring to city’s needs the ‘public’ transport network, FAILED to think ahead when allowing such molochs like Grand Arcade being built in the heart of historic city centre drawing a lot of traffic into system of narrow, one way streets, FAILED at de congesting local traffic hermes bracelet replica uk routes by re opening arbitrarily closed thoroughfares and forcing local traffic to real leather hermes birkin replica go around on few main arteries, hermes replica belt FAILED by narrowing down and slowing down main routes by over provisioning underused cycling infrastructure, FAILED by charging for P (both parking and bus fare).”The REWARD for FAILURE is to reach to OUR POCKETS and STEAL our MONEY on top of high council tax we already pay.”City council leader Lewis Herbert offered his rebuttalCllr Lewis Herbert, former chairman of the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s executive board, and leader of the city council, defended the work being done to improve the transport situation.He said he agreed with Cllr Bick that something needed to be done to address the issue of congestion in the city centre.He said house builders were being asked to contribute to the cost of new transport infrastructure, and said recent examples on the southern fringe of the city, as well as in Eddington, proved this.New vision for Histon Road will not include ‘garden grabbing'”We have got developers in Clay Farm and Trumpington Meadows to pay the cost of extra replica hermes evelyne bag junctions and infrastructure,” said Cllr Herbert. “Schemes like this take a long time.”Cllr Herbert said other criticisms, like the location of the Grand Arcade, were unfair, as city centre shopping was “thriving” and would not be so popular if it was moved out of town. Replica Hermes Bags

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