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By all yardsticks, these are four important states with 590 assembly seats and 72 Lok Sabha seats. So when the results of these four states are out, the mood of almost one fifth of the Lok Sabha will be reflected. The political stock of the Congress is so low currently that the party is contemplating if it should cut their loses by holding the state and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously..

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Think about the message your appearance might send. Are you still wearing glasses from high school? You might give the impression that you don’t welcome change. Do you scramble to find matching socks in the morning and just wear whatever is clean? People might assume you lack attention to detail.

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Picasso’s eventual success was a product not only of his artistic virtuosity, but also of the shrewd entrepreneurial ability that made him the first artist to understand the freedom that was afforded by the emergence of a competitive art market in the early 20th century. And this business acumen is equally on display at the Courtauld, in Portrait of a Man, whom Picasso’s biographer John Richardson identified as Ambroise Vollard, the respected dealer of Czanne and Gauguin, who gave Picasso his first Paris gallery exhibition in 1901. Picasso’s cultivation of powerful figures in the art world, who could enhance both his fame and fortune, made him a forerunner of such later innovators as Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst, who are also among the select few whose exhibitions can produce excitement and long lines at great museums..

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