Gambling Trends For 2016

cheap moncler coats We are witnesses of almost everyday breakthroughs in technology and how they have changed our lives. The research shows that the number of mobile subscriptions is now equal to the number of people in this world, therefore our lives are more and more connected to our cell phones. cheap moncler coats

moncler sale Finding gambling apps for your phone is quite easy. Almost all casinos have their apps which are user friendly. Even if you are not an expert in modern technology using these apps won’t be a moncler sale problem. For now these apps are strictly connected with just phones and tablets, but iWatch is the next big thing. Launching gambling apps for iWatches and possibly Google Glass is buy moncler jackets what we can expect to happen next. After that, it is only a matter of time before the next common thing gets turned into a gadget. Goggles will cheap moncler coats also contribute to the virtual casinos. Virtual is becoming the new real with every breakthrough. moncler sale

cheap moncler For now, after you download the casino app you are just one click away from visiting your best online casino or playing some of the best online casino games. We are sure that with the technological advances we can expect some upgrades in the gambling apps as well. Based on the announcements from the big technology companies cheap moncler sale here is what we predict will happen in the upcoming year and what might happen in gambling. cheap moncler

moncler sale outlet Phones and Tablets; and now Watches or Glasses moncler sale outlet

It is not strange to use your phones and tablets for many different things. Gambling on your phone or tablet is a common thing for majority of people. There are already apps for them, but the usage of watches is still pretty much connected to telling time. Apple was the first to announce their iWatch and they caused quite a buzz about it. For now iWatches are mostly used for calls and texting but some platforms have already launched betting apps for the iWatch. Checking the stats and betting by using your watch is a reality. It will not be surprising that in the 2016 playing poker or spinning a roulette wheel will be accomplished by a watch.

As soon as that happens it is just a matter of time before all casinos start to develop moncler outlet sale their own apps for the iWatch platform. Same can be expected for the gambling games. Among them we will surely see some of best online casino games and playing it on a wearable gadget will bring the experience to a new monlcer down jackets level.

moncler factory outlet Google Glass have been announced a while ago and even though at the moment they are still working on advancing them, maybe 2016 will be the year when gaming by using your glasses starts to seem normal and usual. Developing apps for Google Glass is already in progress therefore casino and gambling apps will soon follow. This moncler mens jackets means that with glasses your hands will be free and multitasking will become easier. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler outlet The question is which other everyday thing will be used for this purpose. Watches and glasses for now, but what is next? That remains to be seen. cheap moncler outlet

moncler jacket sale It is a must for any casino to have their apps. Finding the best casinos online is easy and we can expect moncler outlet store other casinos to develop their apps. You will be able to gamble all you want from your cozy home. Bothering with the big screens and other impractical stuff as keyboards or mice might soon be just a thing from the past. Same goes for sitting in uncomfortable chairs in the casinos. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler jackets The issue with apps is that they cannot be found on the official stores as neither Google nor Apple will allow it. Luckily that is not a problem as they can be found with the simple search. So if you wish to play poker, bingo or roulette you just have to find the app and everything else is up to you. Still it is inevitable that the issues with taxes will continue. Many European countries have strict rules for taxes related to the e gambling. But with the expansion of these apps the taxes will probably get lower. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet jackets The next step are virtual casinos. With the first prototype already existing, it is just a matter of time before other casinos develop their own virtual casinos. The point of these casinos is that they will look and feel just like the real casino, only you will not have to visit one physically. Goggles and other headsets are getting better and better every day, so the experience of a virtual casino will not be much different than visiting the real one. You can comfortably walk down the aisles and play different games. The best thing is that it will not be as tiresome as it is in the real casino. Your cheapmoncler body will comfortably rest while your mind does everything for you. For now it is only available for the PCs, but it can soon be expected for tablets and phones. moncler outlet jackets

Gambling Apps might be banned from the official stores, but gambling games are not. Finding apps for poker, bingo or roulette is simple. The big thing are also apps for different sports such as football, which is the most popular for sure. That kind of gaming is also known under the name microgaming. At first it might not seem like a gambling game, but some games consist of moncler outlet online betting on the other teams and by winning the bet your stats improve. It is like classic betting only your teams are all in fantasy, not real.

moncler jackets outlet Gambling games are today so popular that, for some of them, big arenas are needed. Games of that kind are also known under the term e sports and fantasy sports. moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet uk Sports competitions have always drawn a lot of attention and provided entertainment for people around the world. Some of the most popular gaming competitions have already sold out arenas and huge concert halls and it is inevitable that the trend will continue in the year to come. Even though proclaimed as a sport many will disagree. Regardless of that, betting and gambling on the result is becoming new poker. There is live streaming and finding a ticket for such an event can be very demanding. Stakes are high and so are the winnings. For any gambling fan this is exciting and new, therefore a must. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet sale Some of the most popular games have already gotten a lot of attention, but the next year we expect more and more games to get the same attention. So the future of gambling might be in betting on the game results and new sport heroes who are now behind the screen. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet online Traveling can be exciting as visiting new places moncler sale outlet always is, but the cheap moncler outlet downside of any travel is usually the trip itself. Whether you are traveling by plane, bus or cheap moncler car it might be time consuming and tiresome. So there is no better way to kill time than playing your favorite gambling games or visiting a virtual casino. That kind of gambling is already available on the planes, so the next logical thing is making them accessible in other vehicles such as trains, buses and moncler outlet cars. moncler outlet online

Along with the technology, we can see that other industries are advancing as well. Driverless cars already exist, so the expansion of them is to be expected. Without bothering with driving and paying attention to the road, drivers will be free to enjoy the driving time. Gambling might be a perfect thing to do while traveling, especially for people who are busy and their only free time is while traveling.

moncler outlet store Considering that big breakthroughs usually happen suddenly, what will happen next is hard to guess. New headsets are already announced and there are big chances that you will use them next year. Imagine sitting comfortably in your chair and spinning the roulette wheel without using your hands. You will not have to bother with uncomfortable chairs and chips or other gambling equipment. Everything will be accomplished with just your thoughts. moncler outlet store

Another thing you can expect in 2016 is moncler outlet the change of the currency. Virtual money already exists and the most popular Bitcoin is getting more and more common with each passing day. It is already used in virtual gambling. We can expect its growth in 2016.

The future of technology is unpredictable as we do not know what might happen tomorrow, but one thing is sure our lives will change. We will adapt to everything and something that only yesterday seemed impossible, tomorrow might be real.

moncler outlet We can only predict what will happen based on the assumptions, but what future holds is yet to be seen. One thing is sure, though, virtual is becoming new default dimension for plenty of people. Maybe 2016 will not be drastically different from 2015, but it will bring something new. Be sure of that moncler outlet.