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” Well, he hit a nerve with me and I took home the mama

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So as soon as I went upstairs, I did room sweep with my eyes

It's sometimes difficult to be a feminist submissive. Still sex toys, there is nothing in my sexual submission that is inherently inimical to my quest to be treated as equally strong and competent as are men. The reason that it sometimes feels that way is that certain people treat female submission as the default. adult Toys [...]

Were both 16 and sophmores in HIGH SCHOOL

The concept of total war is a superfluous one in this day and age, owing to the nuclear reality between great powers. The US is wasting its money as it will never be able to use its large navy or air force against Russia dildos, which could incinerate an entire USN fleet with a single nuclear [...]

Use your fingertips on the tip of his dick like you’re turning

We are also often bombarded by societal messages that tell us that a Monogamous Romantic Relationship is a Very Important kind of relationship to have, and that we should do everything we can to hold onto a relationship like that even if it means ignoring our own needs. Sometimes we can also feel insecure about ourselves, [...]

You learn a lot in hindsight

I like that it is waterproof but I haven't got a chance to try it out in water yet. I really want to go swimming with my boyfriend and see if we can get away with using it at the pool. Since it is waterproof it is easy to clean. He's fought greedy industrialists; he's been [...]

Thats what they do, cheaters cheat, and liars lie

I had to finally admit it. Its me.You can blame a cheater for cheating, or a liar for lying. Thats what they do, cheaters cheat dog dildos, and liars lie. From my own experience dog dildos, I can recommend this plug without hesitation for warm up or anal/p spot stimulation. It's well designed for anal use, [...]

The shape is perfect for anal play

The opposite side is the swirls. The swirls are just as elevated as the nubs are, but because of the continued nature of the swirls, they do not feel quite as pronounced. The swirl is just one long line that spirals downward towards the nubbed end of the toy. You all like these threads a lot. [...]

Everything needs to be organized

In an attempt to reorganize my life, I needed to let go of a lot of things, both physical and mental, that I had stashed away out of sight. Everything needs to be organized dildos, sorted, and picked through so that only the most valuable and useful things remained. There was a hindering sense of internal [...]