Supreme Court ruling died on Sept

One word cornstarch. From what I read and heard, the material they are made of, has a tendency to become tacky and stick to itself after it has been washed, moreso over time. I sure there are all kinds ofOne word cornstarch. Most venture capitalists and entrepreneurs are men dildos, with female entrepreneurs receiving $1.5 billion [...]

Citing an investigation by Lebanese police

As someone who has been queer (and by this I mean attracted to and involved with people of a diverse array of sex and gender, and also as someone who tends to conduct her relationships in a way often outside heteronormative/gendernormative ideals and dynamics) for as long as I can remember being anything cheap sex toys, [...]

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This type of crime or accusation carries a stigma that can follow a person for life. There have been at least two cases in this area involving a teacher/coach that was accused of this crime. The coach if I remember correctly after decades of working decided to retire even though the charges were dropped. Adult Toys [...]

Halak gets pushed by someone on the right side it looks like

In Humphrey's Executor v. United States, the Supreme Court went all the way back to Marbury v. Madison in finding that the "Take Care Clause" requires that the president obey the law. So there may be something about online social media culture that can encourage mean behaviour. Unlike hunter gatherer societies, which rely on cooperation to [...]

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FYI the current limit for surface shaking blasting at quarries is 6 mm per second. The largest fracking induced earthquake, the 2011 Mag 2.3 Preese Hall event, generated a surface shaking of 0.1 mm per second. The largest earthquake produced during the most recent fracking operations, Mag 1.1, generated a surface motion of just over 0.04 [...]

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All medicines have side effects, and many drugs can upset your stomach. Some medicines can irritate the lining of your stomach for example anti inflammatory painkillers such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen. If you are taking any medicines or tablets it is worth asking your doctor if they could be causing your indigestion. steroids Weak non covalent [...]