۴th Paragraph Recommend the person specifically for the position or school that the individual is pursuing. Express your confidence in the candidate and restate any strengths or factors which might help them. The following statement might be a good example of what not to include: “This person is like spiritual sand paper, if you manage to put up with him without completely losing your sanity, you will be rewarded with a fine sense of serenity that only the most accomplished Zen Monks achieve.”.

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For everything else, you need closer storage solutions. Home office work often includes research, be it in dictionaries or specific literature. Those books have to be stored within reach. For the seller, renting to own is another way to sell a home in a difficult market. Using a rent to own agreement may allow the seller to get a better price for the house and the seller will receive rental income until the sale is finalized. It a good idea for someone considering a rent to own contract to hire a lawyer to review the contract.

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