Lynch, after asking Apollon if he would be comfortable with her activism, designed a logo that morning after the fight. She pulled up Microsoft Word and used a template to create a sign crossing out the word “Racism” with the slash mark as a hockey stick, then printed them out on sheets of round stickers. Every player plastered the logo on his stick.

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۱۱٫ Ignore others’ expectations. Live your life according to what you think is best for you, not others. The United States has provided significant funding to developing nations through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), but America’s own neighborhoods need help too. Consider this: the number of African Americans living with HIV in the United States exceeds the number of HIV infected people in seven of the 15 focus countries covered by the PEPFAR initiative. With an estimated 56,000 new infections annually in America, our country urgently needs a domestic PEPFAR with a comprehensive national strategy to eradicate the disease.