In my opinion, the moral of the story is that humans were created for the sole intention of loving and praising God. Without the ability to choose to do it, it starts to look a little bit like forced labor. The serpent created the spark that lit the flame in Eve mind to ask “why?” If she questions why they can eat the fruit, it would eventually lead to why should they unconditionally love and worship God? Especially after they were lied to about dying if they ate from the tree.

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Every CLG fan right now is divisive on Darshan. I for one am on the fence about him. He been around forever and I do believe the longer you play league of legends competitively, you probably get burnt out to a certain extent. Feel free to ignore. I don care about downvotes. (Yes I do, and I will shamefully delete this later.)You know what, Lisa? Cry me a fucking river.

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Hamster consumes very little system resources like Gnotime. If you are working on multiple projects and want an all in one solution for your status reports, invoices, etc. (to say, if reporting is important), then Gnotime will be the choice. If you have an HDTV and a PS3, chances are you also have a home theater setup as well. While some stereo amps are now coming equipped with HDMI input, most systems in the home are not HDMI ready. If you are lucky enough to have such a setup, you would connect the PS3 to the stereo via HDMI and then run a second HDMI cable from the stereo to the TV.