For those wishing to visit the area you have many choices of where to stay and types of accommodation. The most common accommodation type is Apartment, but you will also find many Townhouses and Villas for those looking for something more private. Many of these properties are in purpose built developments, beautifully landscaped and with communal pools.

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“Things have been so stable for so long, people have been buying products into the architectural stack that’s been defined for 20 to 30 years. People buy servers when they need servers. They buy databases when they need databases. You know to eat your whole grains. But are you still buying Wonderbread for ham sandwiches, dining out for pasta twice a week and indulging in the ever comforting macaroni and cheese at home? White flour is one of our generation’s most dangerous processed foods. We’ve taken something wholesome and nourishing (the whole grain) and refined it into something nearly unidentifiable to the body, then treated it with chemicals, deodorizers and bleaching agents.