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canada goose uk outlet Have been saying repeatedly that I never wrote any such letter. I reiterate I did canada goose sylvan vest uk not. If the (L G press release makes a reference to any letter written by me, then it is for the LG office to make things clear. Judge Andrew Bright said it was “difficult to imagine a more heinous crime” as he sentenced the killer to a minimum of 34 years behind bars but the prosecution told his trial how the “devious killer” almost got away with murder.The News takes a look at the background to the case, and how Stewart, a 56 year old computer expert, was eventually tripped up by his own lies.Read MoreIan Stewart found guilty: what you need to knowThe man Helen Bailey referred to as ‘The Gorgeous Grey Haired Widower’ was found guilty on Wednesday (February 22) canada goose fleece uk of her murder.Stewart, of Baldock Road in Royston, slowly drugged his bride to be for months with sleeping drug Zopiclone before smothering her and dumping her body, together with her dog Boris, into the cesspit below the garage at the couple’s Royston home on April 11.Stewart denied murder, fraud, preventing a lawful burial and three counts of perverting the course of justice but jurors took less than six hours to find him guilty after a six week trial at St Albans Crown Court.Helen Bailey murder: ‘It’s only right we re examine the death of Ian Stewart’s first wife’His trial heard how last year Ms Bailey had been making plans for the couple’s wedding, while Stewart was instead planning how to kill his bride to be.In the dock, Stewart admitted continuously lying to Ms Bailey’s family and police as they carried out a ‘futile’ missing person investigation after he fabricated a cover story that she had gone away for some space and time.Stewart’s comments and phrases before his arrest also caused suspicion amongst police officers. He had in fact, by this point, already murdered her.On his arrest, Stewart was heard to say ‘You’re joking’, before ‘Where’s Helen?’ and ‘I don’t know why the garage door is open’.The prosecution stated that Stewart said these comments without thinking, and his mind made this connection between the two because he knew exactly where Ms Bailey was.After being arrested, Stewart hatched a plan that two mystery men called Nick and Joe kidnapped Ms Bailey and later blackmailed him for The court heard canada goose outlet vaughan mills the men were supposedly business associates of Ms Bailey’s canada goose warranty uk late husband John Sinfield.Jurors doubted his story, only told to the prosecution a month before his trial, and it was revealed Stewart cheap canada goose china overheard a jokey conversation between Ms Bailey and her brother that the cesspit would be ‘a good place to hide a body’. This picture shows the side of the bricked well/cess pit canada goose uk outlet.