cheap jordans china Some classrooms were left dark and students were in the auditorium all day, KCBS reported. One student even told KCBS Monday was a waste of time.But some students still showed support for the strike.”I wanna support the teachers and I want to see what happens after the strikes,” Evolet Vazquez toldNumbers and accusations flyWhile both UTLA and LAUSD have made some concessions, both the union and the school district accuse the other of giving misleading facts and figures.UTLA leaders said on Facebook Monday night that superintendent Beutner “continued lying publicly” by saying he was willing to negotiate “around the clock.” They claim he didn’t show up to two of the three sessions teachers set up with the district that were scheduled for last Monday, Wednesday and Friday.In LAUSD’s latest offer to the union Friday, the school district said it “would add nearly 1,200 more educators teachers, counselors, nurses and librarians in schools, reducing class size in thousands of classrooms.”Class sizes in grades four to six would be limited to 35 students, and class sizes in all middle and high school math and English classes would be limited to 39 students, the school district said.The offer would also “ensure no increase in any class size, increase nurses, counselors and librarians at all schools, along with a 6% salary increase and back pay for the 2017 2018 school year,” LAUSD said.But union President Alex Caputo Pearl said the offer was good for only one year and that the school district’s proposal was “woefully inadequate.”The union wants LAUSD to pull from its $1.86 billion in reserves to increase school staffing and boost teachers’ salaries by 6.5%.But the school district says it’s not nearly as wealthy as the teachers’ union suggests.”School budgets in California are set in three year increments, and from July 2018 to June 2021, Los Angeles Unified will spend $24 billion educating students. This includes its entire, existing $1.8 billion reserve,” LAUSD said.The school district said at this rate, it might not even have enough money to meet a required 1% reserve by the 2021 2022 school year.”Our commitment to our families is to make sure all of the money we have is being spent in schools. cheap jordans china

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