The Gixsan crises in the Village of Old Hazelton where some Gitxsan have boarded up the offices of other Gitxsan actually has very little to do with Enbridge or Elmer Derrick signing a deal with Enbridge representatives. It has everything to do with taking money for saying yes. The GTS has accepted over 20 million dollars, indebting the Gitxsan people for almost the same amount.

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kanken mini That neighbour with the three dogs was still whining about my complaint and says that you get what you deserve. Are you telling me all the residents of the Southside are getting what they deserve with the floods? I was shocked and outraged. They are tenants, and they decided to move out early, they are lucky. kanken mini

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kanken bags Terrace missed on their fifth. A Kamloops goal on the last shot would have won it but it wasn to be as Stella made a huge save. Alvin Seymour then stepped up and buried the sixth shot. In other words, police behaviour is a reflection of the common values and practices in our society and in our community.In Terrace, the Mayor and local business community have made it known to the RCMP that their Policing priority is that of cleaning up the downtown business core, a white washing of sorts. To drive out of sight what mainstream society deems as undesirable: the most vulnerable and marginalized of society: the homeless, the mentally ill, the drug addicted and the alcoholic. It just so happens that most of these people are First Nations who are still struggling with the legacy of Residential Schools. kanken bags

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