Fruits and veggies are full of antioxidants. In case you forgot antioxidants fight many cancers, diabetes high blood pressure and heart disease. Tomatoes have been proven to be particularly helpful in fighting prostate cancer. A ship registry shows the post divorce trip to Hawaii by mother and daughter, leaving Aug. 16, five days after the divorce, from San Francisco. The Irish nobleman was the Duke of Leinster, according to The New York Times of Jan.

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Are you an apple or a pear? A cornet? A rectangle, a diamond, or, perhaps, a spoon? It has long been a rite of passage for women to have to decide which fruit/trapezium/piece of cutlery their body most resembles. I have clear memories of watching Trinny and Susannah cup women’s boobs and squeeze their bottomsbefore chasing them around stores brandishing V neck wrap tops in a bid to get them to dress according to a formula prescribed for their supposed figure. But that era’s theories about dressing for your shape (and don’t think I’ve forgotten you, Gok Wan) simply don’t hold up today..

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