This review of Microsoft Office SharePoint finds the implementation of the server remotely (read “cloud server”) to be more beneficial over in place implementation. In place implementation would require dedicated server(s) with space specially reserved for SharePoint and the different users. You also need to keep on configuring it on your LAN/WAN as you add/remove users.

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David Oswald is an outsourcing enthusiast who has applied this concept to all of his businesses including real estate investing, public speaking and mortgages. With the nation recent growth in home based businesses, Oswald has taken the opportunity to train many people throughout the country on how to increase the amount of productive time spent versus simply being busy. As his book, Ways to Outsource Your Life and Business explains, there are many ways to eliminate the mundane tasks from your life that prevent you from truly getting things done.In addition to outsourcing many aspects of his life, Oswald enjoys being a real estate investor and has licenses as a life insurance producer and title insurance producer in the state of New Jersey.

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