The 6/25 rep scheme in the odd numbered weeks is an excellent hybrid designed for strength and mass development, encouraging muscle breakdown, rebuilding and growth. The low rep, high intensity sets are followed by sets of 25 reps that flush the target muscle with blood, giving you a serious pump. And that pump isn’t just for show, friends.

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Mendoza on Tuesday brought his AB 377, a controversial bill dealing with payday loans, to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Among the many things consumer groups dislike about AB 377 is a provision raising the cap on these high interest loans from $300 to $500. The Chronicle whacked the bill and Mendoza pretty good in a June 19 editorial.

The Important Bird and Biodiversity Area Programme aims to identify, document , monitor and protect a network of sites for the conservation of birds, other biodiversity and wider ecosystems and their services. BirdLife Partners take responsibility for the IBA Programme nationally, with the BirdLife Africa Secretariat taking the lead on regional aspects and in some priority non Partner countries. Over 1,250 sites have been identified as IBAs in 59 countries and territories..

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