The terms “sign stimulus” and “releaser” are sometimes used interchangeably; however, they have different meanings. The term “sign stimulus” is used to denote a feature of an animal’s environment that elicits a particular response. The term “releaser” is used for a stimulus that has evolved to facilitate communication between conspecifics (animals of the same species).[3].

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canada goose The dog lay in the shade and watched the kittens play. The folders have lain on the desk since yesterday. In all but the most careful, formal speech, forms of lay are commonly heard in senses normally associated with lie. Ovid mentions it in “The Story of Picus and Canens” (Metamorphoses, book XIV:320 396): “There, she poured out her words of grief, tearfully, in faint tones, in harmony with sadness, just as the swan sings once, in dying, its own funeral song.”[4] The swan was also described as a singer in the works of the poets Virgil and Martial.[citation needed]The most familiar European swan, the mute swan (Cygnus olor), although not actually mute, is known neither for musicality nor to vocalize as it dies. This has led some to criticize swan song beliefs since antiquity, one of the earliest[5] being Pliny the Elder: in 77 AD, Natural History (book 10, chapter xxxii: olorum morte narratur flebilis cantus, falso, ut arbitror, aliquot experimentis), states: “observation shows that the story that the dying swan sings is false.” Peterson et al. Note that Cygnus olor is “not mute but lacks bugling call, merely honking, grunting, and hissing on occasion.”[6]. canada goose

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