Cynthia is the daughter of Maxine Nelson and Gunter Wunderlich. Maxine, the one time Beauty Queen in Prince Rupert is the daughter of Dave and Priscilla Nelson and sister to Lloyd Nelson who Cynthia also encouraged to join in the effort to change the course of the Kitsumkalum Nation. Priscilla, Lloyd and Maxine’s mother, is also the Aunt to current Chief Councillor Don Roberts and Sister to Don Roberts Sr.

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Hops vines climb almost 20 feet up this trellis. The plant produces hops that add bitterness, zest, and citric characteristics to beer. These vines at Hamilton Hop Yard will produce a small harvest this year but when the rhizomes mature in another four years they could produce as many as 2,500 pounds of hops an acre..

fjallraven kanken There are easily another hundred videos yet to be uploaded. The entire JRP sitting in August and September of 2010, in Kitimat at the Riverside Recreation Complex, is still to be uploaded though almost all of the JRP meetings this past January kanken backpack, from Kitamaat Village to Burns Lake, are uploaded. From the protest rallys to the National Energy Board and Enbridge presentations to the various local Council bodies, you will find Everything regarding Enbridge in these video albums.. fjallraven kanken

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