I started with the written directions before moving onto the map. The directions are setup like those found on Google Maps with turn by turn instructions with mileage markers so you known when your next turn will occur. I really liked the black background output on the screen with nice bright white fonts and the fact that it displayed both the distance to the station and the estimated drive time..

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Smoke hasn’t left the skyline in ages although there’s nothing left to burn. I’m surprised they responded really. I locked down the base after I hit send. So they need to make it this way. I love you guys but come on, I had so much fun on this sub but just remember, it is only the beta right now. Post suggestions but don take the grind away from me.

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HHO Gas, so water vapor. The fact people consider this to bee some conspiracy or miracle is slightly frightening. Imagine the electrolysis of water with buzzwords. The most tried and trusted method of triggering an off camera flash, a PC sync cord plugs into the camera and the flash, thereby physically connecting them. This could be a problem when placing flashes in difficult locations and you’ll have to be careful with the wires running around. Another important point to note is that not all flashes and cameras come with PC sync ports, so if your camera doesn have one then you would need to buy adaptors to make use of the hot shoe connectors..

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