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iphone x cases Sign in / Join NowSummaryThis group of 6 ETFs offers 3 options from Schwab and 3 options from Vanguard.The ETFs that were selected each have a fairly similar match from the other ETF provider.The data favors Schwab at first, but after adding a bond ETF investors can get very similar levels of exposure through either option.My favorite two ETF combinations for international equity are combining either SCHC and SCHF or VSS and VEA. I picked SCHC and SCHF as the combination for my portfolio.Vanguard has a very long and proud track record of offering investors excellent diversification with extremely low fees. Schwab decided to compete in that arena and introduced a very respectable group of ETFs that also have very low expense ratios.In this piece I’m running a comparison on the international ETF options for Schwab and Vanguard. iphone x cases

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