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canada goose factory sale He is now being looked after at the charity’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire Live reports.Amanda Lovett, who worked for the charity before setting up Alsager based cattery Mere Moggies Boarding, said: “I was alerted to a post on a local Facebook group and it would seem the fox had been in the garden for most of the day.Boy, 15, caught speeding on scooter given 6 points on FUTURE driving licence”This was on Saturday, one of the biggest nights for fireworks, and we knew we had to get the fox to safety.”I managed to safely catch the fox with a grasper and put him in a cat box before taking him to Stapeley Grange, who kindly stayed open later canada goose bodywarmer uk so he could be canada goose factory outlet uk admitted.”He canada goose outlet eu was very quiet and seemed tame.”The fox, which has no microchip, is currently being looked after by staff there while his owners are traced.Lee Stewart, manager of Stapeley Grange, said: “It is likely that Shadow has been kept as a pet and he has either escaped, in which case we need to find his owners, or he has been dumped by his owners.Terrified girl, 4, attacked by circus leopard and dragged away from her family”He was checked over by our team of vets and was found to be in good health, just a little overweight. He is eating fine and seems to be doing well.”He is the first silver fox we have ever had here at Stapeley Grange, in nearly 25 years we have been open.”He is an impressive looking animal and it has been interesting to us all to have such a rare admission.”If no owner can be traced, Shadow will be looked to be rehomed with a specialist owner.Silver foxes are the same species as the red foxes we have living wild in the canada goose black friday usa UK but with different colouration. Silver foxes are bred for their fur but are now sometimes kept as ‘pets’.The RSPCA advises anyone thinking of getting a pet to fully research the animal’s specific needs before making a decision canada goose factory sale.