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I don’t want someone in office who fakes their entire image, plain and simple. Palin has the better political record of the two, but her image canada goose jacket outlet was shattered during the ’08 election.The best liberal female in recent years would have to be Hillary. While she got a bad rap during Bill’s presidency, she does present some thoughtful arguments that even conservatives have to consider from time to time.The best conservative female in the last 20 years was Condi Rice, far and away.

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Growing up in Kenya, I seen zebras all my life, but I canada goose outlet location never really looked at them. It amazed me to learn that I could identify individual zebras in a herd. When you look closely you notice that each of them has a unique pattern on their stripes. But if I don have it, I get penalized in my taxes and end up having to pay more. I either have to pay MORE to a PRIVATE COMPANY or I lose like 1200 dollars off my tax return. How is that even legal? To force someone to pay a private company is supremely unconstitutional..

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